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Monday, December 10, 2007

Whoa ! I Feel The Heat

For anyone who has ever dealt with acid reflux , you know that life will be without the delight of a majority of the culinary delights you so dearly loved. It takes a while to adjust to the reality of a completely bland and flavorless diet . This time of year , when all we seem to do is graze throughout the day on a steady stream of cake and beer , it's all to easy to just have a taste.. a bit .. o.k. , just a little slice. Then it hits you , like a ton of bricks , right in the chest at first , and then slowly moves to every inch of your body. Heartburn!!!!( sirens )

Damn it , I took my meds this morning , and have had no big problems in months. Even when we went out for Italian on my birthday . Aargg! , the pain is unbearable. This is the price you pay for not heading your Doctors advice. This is the way it will be for you and nothing will ever change it , no amount of medicine , or modified lifestyle , is gonna take the place of self control. Discipline , you've got to show some discipline and restraint. It can be controlled and even healed to a certain point of comfort in your daily life , but only if you put in the work. Cocoa tree ... why must you be so good ?

If you suffer from the fire , you may find this article useful. It's the latest release of a study on the long term effects heartburn medications have on cardiac health. The link is listed below , in information resources , at the bottom of this page. Let me know if you have a remedy that other readers may find useful. Thanks.

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whimsigal said...

You know what? This is going to sound crazy but it works so well for me. Chew gum. At least two pieces. For a while I was waking up at 2am choking on acid reflux juice and yuckiness. Horrible! I was gulping down tums, rolaids, acid reducers, and still suffering so in desperation I hit the 'net and found a home remedy site that suggested, among other things, to chew at least two pieces of gum. It worked like a charm. Now I just keep gum on hand. My preference is Trident White Spearmint flavor and I actually sleep with it in my mouth. A couple of times my hairy husband woke up less than appreciative but it's a remedy that works for me. Every time.

I really like your site and am going to check out your vlog!

Thanks for visiting mine, too!


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