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My ingredients
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Hello, and welcome to "The Coldhitz Vlog" . My name is Larry , and I am the host of , and the man behind , "Pie In The Sky " , and "The Pie Vlog ". These are the two shows I use to teach the world how easy , and rewarding it is to bake their very own fresh pizzas. The two shows compliment each other , as "Pie In The Sky" is an instructional show , and "The Pie Vlog " serves as the question and answer aspect of the two shows. They are both featured on this Vlog ,which will be my main broadcast outlet , and on my Youtube channel , viewable at They are the first shows in what will become a full broadcast venue , centering on lifestyle and entertainment .

I chose to start with the subject I am most knowlegable of , and passionate My journey , in pursuite of the pie , started in High School. One day , in my Food Science and Nutriton class , my teacher asked us each to select one food we could never imagine being without. My father had been the only other person I ever saw make his own pizzas , so I grew up on fresh pizza , and already had the inside track on anyone that came out with the same answer. So , that's where I started , and after working in the restaurant biz , from waiter to delivery driver and manager , I've done it all. It's been a steady , and purposeful , journey. One that has taken me from , my home town of Dallas , to L.A. in search of the best pizzas , as I pursued a living as an actor.

Now , I'm out to help save the world , one delicious pizza at a time. With my skills as an actor , and my passion as a Pizzaiolo , I want to carve out my own niche in the world. The best way to start off , I believe , is by helping others , and greatness will follow my path. I will answer any pizza related question and welcome each of my viewers to send them in to the comments section , on "The Coldhitz Channel" at, or to post a question to my video recorder , from your webcame , on this Vlog , or at . You can also recod a video message , on your cellphone , 30 seconds maximum , and send it to text to . AT&T , Sprint , and Verizon wireless seem to have the best data speeds , and at this time T-Mobile is lagging behind.
Thank you for choosing to spend your viewing time with me , and soon your loved ones will be asking you to make pizza tonite.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quality Is Long Gone

The coldest part of winter is now in full swing and has landed with a blustery north wind and huge amount of much needed precipitation. While it is easy to get out of the cold , it's not always easy to stay out of the cold. After all , those snow days are long left behind and , with today's techno wizardry also comes the expectation that you bring in that deadline regardless of weather. Thanks !

When we do venture out , it's nice to seek some refuge by ducking into our favorite cafe or bookstore for a steaming cup . If you've gotten into the habit of scheduling errands around the location of that hot spot of modern couthe , you know that you are not the only one freezing your toes off. Packed to the rafters with more mohair and ski parkas than an art gallery opening , these places have come to replace the cafes and diners that were so central to the America of yesteryear.

Gone ,too , are the personal touches that made those great icons the place to eat and drink while you revel with your crew. Now , as with most places , you wait in line and when you pay at one station , you sit and wait to be rescued and herded to another trough...I mean counter. The class has gone out and been replaced with urban sheik...which means no smiles and no flare to the food and drink. You take what you get ... no complaints , because that would be uncool. $3.99 for a cup of this!? But , you've already left and moved on to the next line. Traffic. Oh , well. Maybe that Deli has a good lunch special today...I mean just look at all the people lined up inside . It's gotta be good ...right? Not likely.

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