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My ingredients
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Hello, and welcome to "The Coldhitz Vlog" . My name is Larry , and I am the host of , and the man behind , "Pie In The Sky " , and "The Pie Vlog ". These are the two shows I use to teach the world how easy , and rewarding it is to bake their very own fresh pizzas. The two shows compliment each other , as "Pie In The Sky" is an instructional show , and "The Pie Vlog " serves as the question and answer aspect of the two shows. They are both featured on this Vlog ,which will be my main broadcast outlet , and on my Youtube channel , viewable at They are the first shows in what will become a full broadcast venue , centering on lifestyle and entertainment .

I chose to start with the subject I am most knowlegable of , and passionate My journey , in pursuite of the pie , started in High School. One day , in my Food Science and Nutriton class , my teacher asked us each to select one food we could never imagine being without. My father had been the only other person I ever saw make his own pizzas , so I grew up on fresh pizza , and already had the inside track on anyone that came out with the same answer. So , that's where I started , and after working in the restaurant biz , from waiter to delivery driver and manager , I've done it all. It's been a steady , and purposeful , journey. One that has taken me from , my home town of Dallas , to L.A. in search of the best pizzas , as I pursued a living as an actor.

Now , I'm out to help save the world , one delicious pizza at a time. With my skills as an actor , and my passion as a Pizzaiolo , I want to carve out my own niche in the world. The best way to start off , I believe , is by helping others , and greatness will follow my path. I will answer any pizza related question and welcome each of my viewers to send them in to the comments section , on "The Coldhitz Channel" at, or to post a question to my video recorder , from your webcame , on this Vlog , or at . You can also recod a video message , on your cellphone , 30 seconds maximum , and send it to text to . AT&T , Sprint , and Verizon wireless seem to have the best data speeds , and at this time T-Mobile is lagging behind.
Thank you for choosing to spend your viewing time with me , and soon your loved ones will be asking you to make pizza tonite.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pie In The Sky

This is a preview of the new season of "Pie In The Sky " , and includes a freshly baked pie that knocked my socks off . It features fresh Mozzarella , fresh Feta , and Fontina along with Kalamatas , chicken breast cutlets , and roasted green bell peppers . The cheeses were all new and so was the cut of the chicken , as I have always used shredded chicken breast instead of chunks . The cheeses will be in an upcoming episode of
" The Pie Vlog " , as a review and you'll get all the dirt on them ... there was not dirt on my cheese ... it's just a ... well , you know . I washed it all down with ice cold Heineken and had to let out a few laughs at just how amazing this pie turned out . When I finished , all I could do was smile and marvel at the wondrous magic I had made .

Along with this preview , I have been hard at work on pre - production work for my other shows " The Pie Vlog " , and the new works I will be bringing you as soon as they are ready . If you wanna see a few still photos of my pies and behind the scenes goings on , you can tune into this blog , and you should check out The Coldhitz Channel on , and . Slide photo viewer on is always changing and full of the hot out of the oven pies I bake just about every weekend now . Sometimes they make it into the show and other times I just gotta eat em' and can't take the time to film them . The smell of fresh pizza is pretty tempting . I hope you've all been finding this out for yourself and let me know if you have any questions or pizza adventures of your own . With practice , you to will have em' running to your kitchen for the best pies in town . Stay tuned .



Culinary Alchemist said...

Sounds delicious Larry... I love the Cheese combination, and lets face it... Almost everything is better with Kalamata olives.. :)

coldhitz said...

Yeah , man , you know it can only be the best ingredients that make it onto the best pizzas . The mix of tangy and salty was caught on the back end with just a dash of sweetness and creamy from the Fontina and Mozz .Thanks for tuning in .

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