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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Are They Feeding Us ?

Over the past five years , there has been an onslaught of bad news concerning the safety of food . Not just in fast food chains or impoverished towns , as it is now becoming common for us to be poisoned from the food in our neighborhood grocery store . So long gone are the days of trusting that what you are about to eat is gonna stay eaten . Will it mean a trip to the E.R. ? Stay healthy the news says ... followed by menacing details of another nationwide food recall . There were safety and regulatory agencies , who at one time were only responsible for the food at it's source and then passed on the responsibility to the retailers . They had plenty of money and personnel to get the job done and insure that dinner would be a winner . So , what the hell is going on ? What changed ?

Today , there is , at most times , a few thousand miles between field and table . This also means that countless shipping channels are used to get the food to your store , and makes it virtually impossible to trace the source of contamination . The Government of third world countries , where most of our food is grown , have shunned the responsibility of inspection in favor of the money the agricultural gold mine has put in their pockets . There is no U.S.D.A. outpost in the foreign fields of the grape farmer in Chile , or the cannery in Thailand that has a hundred container ships a day headed to the United States . This is a sad state of affairs that has gone on for far to long .

To combat this , and insure your better health , I suggest buying locally produced foods . Locally produced foods are grown by farmers within 50 miles of your home , and is known as the slow food movement . These foods encompass everything you can find at the store , from poultry to apples , and are much fresher and of a far superior quality . They also have a lower cost per unit and take a smaller toll on the enviorment , due to the reduced fuel used in shipping . If you wanna see America return to the forefront of the world stage , start by putting some bucks in the pockets of our American farming families . When a food source is known , an outbreak of contamination can be traced and prevented from happening again . By comparison , the outbreak of food born illnesses of recent days still remains unsolved and it never will be . The U.S.D.A. has given the blame to many a fall guy but has never published a conclusive determination as to the root cause of the source in even one case. It passes in the news as soon as the next great hoopla comes along , and until the next occurrence happens , is out of sight and out of mind . Unless you are one of the people now living with the effects of being poisoned .

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Monique "Nenita" said...

Thank you so much for this post. We all like to eat healthier but with the scares I feel limited. Very informative.

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